EatAndEvolve Tasty Made Healthy - Healthy Food Delivery

Tasty made healthy: it combines flavor and health in every single bite. We strongly believe healthy food is also delicious if prepared with dedication and premium ingredients.

Convenience: it offers you the opportunity to forget about meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Plus, you get the meals delivered to your door steps.

Affordability: Get healthier meals prepared with high quality ingredients for less than similar items in restaurants

Portioned meals: don’t worry about overeating or not getting satisfied, our meals offers you the right portion of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.

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I grew up locally in Metamora as a student-athlete, developing an engineer’s mindset of very meticulous problem solving. My interest in medicine stemmed from sports injuries as a teenager coupled with a natural curiosity of human biology. I knew I wanted to embark on a career that ultimately allows me to transform my experiences as a patient into the role as a healer. I am currently pursuing completion of a medical degree in Peoria.  


As an aspiring physician, my mission is to be a leader in disease prevention and an innovator in helping others achieve optimal health and wellness across their lifespan. Lifestyle behaviors have a dramatic impact on our quality of life. A growing body of scientific evidence now supports that much chronic disease is rooted in poor dietary choices and not enough physical activity. I believe individuals need their doctor to prescribe food as medicine, along with a personalized plan involving simple, effective, and sustainable tools for lifelong health.  


I desire to truly support individuals on their journey of restoring and maintaining health. Beyond sharing the latest science, I aim to inspire wellness through sharing personal experience and daily lifestyle practices. The saying, “do something today that your future self will thank you for” should encompass conscious efforts to increase lifestyle choices which promote health and reduce those which promote disease.