EatAndEvolve Tasty Made Healthy - Healthy Food Delivery

Tasty made healthy: it combines flavor and health in every single bite. We strongly believe healthy food is also delicious if prepared with dedication and premium ingredients.

Convenience: it offers you the opportunity to forget about meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Plus, you get the meals delivered to your door steps.

Affordability: Get healthier meals prepared with high quality ingredients for less than similar items in restaurants

Portioned meals: don’t worry about overeating or not getting satisfied, our meals offers you the right portion of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.

How It Works


See how Eat and Evolve works

Rotating Menu

With over 50 meals options we rotate our menu weekly during the month so you will be eating different tasty healthy meals all the time. 

Ordering Process

We receive orders through the week until Friday at Midnight.

 Each plan offers different meal quantities so you can choose the one that better fits your goals and lifestyle.

 And if you have any dietary needs or special requests don’t worry, we've got you covered! Just let us know in the comments and we will tailor your plan

Delivery Process

Depending on your address delivery will be twice per week on Sunday/Tuesday or Monday/Wednesday.

 Your meals will arrive your doorstep between 6pm and 9pm.

 We will text you when we are on our way to deliver and after the bag has been set at your front porch.

 And if you’re not home don’t worry, the meals are safe in our thermal insulated bag up to 3 hours after delivery

After Delivery

Our delicious food do not contain any preservatives so please make sure you transfer the containers to your fridge promptly to keep them fresh.

 We recommend you eat them within 3 days after delivery to better enjoy their taste and freshness.

 Our containers are microwave safe so from now on all you have to do is Heat and Eat!

 We care about the environment as much as your health, so please rinse the containers and put them inside the thermal bag, we will pick them up during your next delivery and we will sanitize them for future reuse

 Thank you very much for your interest in EatandEvolve if you have any additional question feel free to contact us at or 309-363-1803