EatAndEvolve Tasty Made Healthy - Healthy Food Delivery

Tasty made healthy: it combines flavor and health in every single bite. We strongly believe healthy food is also delicious if prepared with dedication and premium ingredients.

Convenience: it offers you the opportunity to forget about meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Plus, you get the meals delivered to your door steps.

Affordability: Get healthier meals prepared with high quality ingredients for less than similar items in restaurants

Portioned meals: don’t worry about overeating or not getting satisfied, our meals offers you the right portion of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.

Cooking + Ingredients

a. Are your ingredients local and/or organic
I.     We provide 100% antibiotic-free and hormone free meats and seasonal organic produce from local farms when available.
II.    We also include organic produce from local stores, locally sourced ingredients, and sustainably sourced fish whenever possible.

b. Are your meals fresh?
I.      Absolutely! Our meals have never been frozen. Everything we make is from scratch and it gets cooked the same day that it’s delivered.

c. I don’t like certain ingredients; can I substitute a protein or sides? Can I double up a meal?
I.     Yes, if you want to replace any side or protein just leave us a comment while ordering and we will customize your meals. You can also have more that one of the meals you love!

d. Do you have the nutritional information of your meals?
I.      Yes, we have worked with a local nutritionist who has calculated the nutritional information for each one of our meals. You can find that information by clicking on the meal you want more information on in the “This week’s menu” section.

e. How long will the food stay fresh?
I.     Our insulated bags are designed to keep meals fresh up to 3 hours on your delivery day. After placing them in the fridge, we recommend eating them within 3 days to guarantee its freshness.

Subscription + Delivery

a. Is there a Subscription?
I.     No, there is no need to subscribe to enjoy our service, feel free to use us as it fits your life style. You can buy just the week you know you will be busy or get several weeks’ worth of meals and take advantage of a discount on your purchase.

b. Are your meal plans recurring?
I.      Sure, but only if you want them to be. You have the option to buy up to four weeks at a time, and by doing so you will get up to 9% discount in your purchase.

c. I bought several weeks, but I’m going out of town, can I pause my service?
I.     Yes, you can, as long as you use your weeks within a 2 months period. Just email us or leave a comment in your order and we will put your deliveries on hold until you come back.

d. By when do I have to order my meal plan?
I.      We receive orders on Saturday before 3pm to make sure we finish the cooking planning on time while reducing unnecessary food waste.

e. When will my meals arrive?
I.     We deliver Route 1 (Peoria, Peoria Heights, Dunlap, Edwards, Mossville and Chillicothe) on Sunday and Tuesday and our Route 2 (East Peoria, Washington, Morton, Metamora and Creve Coeur.) on Monday and Wednesday, Deliveries are from 6pm and 9pm. We will let you know with a text message when we are on our way and after your meals have been delivered.

f. How do I get ready for my next delivery?
I.     We are big into recycling and reducing plastic waste, for that reason we need you to set out the bag and containers at your front step for to pick up while delivering the new one. The containers have to be at least rinsed for us to take them back, sanitize them and reuse them.

g. Are the containers BPA Free?
I.     Yes, our containers are BPA free as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.

Payment and gift cards

a. How will I be billed?
I.     During checkout you can select to pay with a check upon delivery or secure and direct payment on our website by adding your credit card information.

b. Do you offer gift cards?
I.      Yes, you can choose any of our gifts cards they range from $25 up to $150 in $25 dollar increments. The lucky recipient will get their gift card code immediately or in a date that you choose.

c. Do you keep records of my credit card?
I.     No, when you use PayPal or Stripe they have all your information, you can choose for them to remember it to make it easier on your next order.

Areas We Serve

a. Where do you deliver?
I.     Route 1: Delivery on Sunday and Tuesday in Peoria, Peoria Heights, Dunlap, Edwards, Mossville and Chillicothe.
II.     Route 2: Delivery on Monday and Wednesday in East Peoria, Washington, Morton, Metamora and Creve Coeur.

b. Do all the plans get the same delivery charge?
I.      All the plans (except the ProChange) get delivered two times a week. We have a single delivery fee for both deliveries. For the ProChange, we only charge half the price since its only one delivery.

c. How much do you charge for delivery?
I.     It depends on where do you live, but it ranges from $1.5 to $3.5 per delivery.

d. Should I tip the driver?
I.      No, we compensate typing by offering a competitive wage for delivery. We appreciate the gesture but tipping is not a need from our service.

e. I’m outside of your routes, but I work in Peoria, do you deliver to offices?
I.     If you are outside of our routes but work in the Peoria area we can deliver to your office on Monday and Wednesday mornings.