ø First, you have to create an account by clicking on the top right corner in “My Account”
ø Type your email and password and an email confirmation will be sent to confirm your registration.
ø Choose the meal plan that fits your lifestyle the best. And click “Add to Cart”
ø Check your summary and click on “Proceed to check out”
ø Select if you would like your meals to be delivered once or twice a week
ø Use our secure Stripe service to make your payment
ø Now you can Select your Meals or let the System select them for you based on your preferences.
ø Confirm your order and done

Yes, after you choose your plan and your dietary needs, the system will walk you through the purchasing process. Right after the purchase you can select your meals. Only the meals that fit your dietary needs will be shown.

We are not a subscription service, we want you to use us when you need us and come back for more because you love our food. You can purchase up to 4 weeks of meal plans and get different discounts based on how many weeks you choose.

You can pause your week at any time, just go to your account profile by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner and then click on “Select my Weeks Menu” and choose Pause on your meal plan

Please contact us at erick@eatandevolve.com as soon as you can, but if the meals have already been cooked, bagged and delivered we will have to discount that week from your account.

As soon as the week rotates after the ordering deadline the week selection option will become active in your profile under the “Select my Weeks Menu” you can select your next weeks meals as soon as that happens. We will send a reminder to do so on Thursday afternoon.

We can take any mayor credit card, or you can pay with a check upon delivery.

Yes, our site is 100% safe, we only keep your name, address, phone number, dislikes or allergies and your order history. We use a nationwide provider call Stripe to process payments and they will keep your credit card information, we will never have access to it.

We have two delivery routes, one receives the meals Sunday/Tuesday and the second route on Monday/Wednesday. During your profile creation our system will let you know in which route your address lands on

Yes, we do office deliveries in the Peoria area on Mondays/Wednesday between 9am and 11am

No, you don’t have to be home during the delivery, the meals will be in an insulated bag that will keep it cold up to three hours in a hot summer day, it will last longer depending on weather conditions.

Yes, pick up is Sundays and Tuesdays between 6pm and 7:00pm at the Bistro located in Junction City. We will text you 30min before to let you know the exact time.

The time varies as it depends on were does your house lands on our route, but as drivers are leaving the kitchen our app will send you a text message with a link to track our van, so you can estimate when we will be at your front door. You will, as well get a second text message letting you know the meals have been delivered.

If we have not contacted you to pick up the bags please contact us at erick@eatandevolve.com and we will schedule the pickup.

The best way of keeping your meals fresh is leaving a cooler outside, we will put your meals in it and will add an extra layer of protections. If available leaving icepacks inside the cooler works perfectly. Many of our third shift customers do this and pick the meal the next morning and have not reported any issues.

Tips are not expected, but they are always appreciated.

Congratulations! Get ready to enjoy fresh healthy meals. Please take the meals outside of the bag, check your meals and validate that you got all of them and what you had ordered, and go ahead and put them in the fridge or throw one in the microwave if you’re hungry.

It truly depends on the Microwave, but the times varies between 1min to 2min. Just make sure that is at a comfortable temperature for your enjoyment

You will see the estimated use by date in the label, but typically the last 4 to 6 days, we always recommend using the smell test. If anything seems funky don’t touch it, if it expired before the date let us know. We will replace it.

After your done eating, please rinse all the food, and do not close it, put the lids together and the containers together to air out. We will take them back and evaluate if we can sanitize them and reuse them and if not, we will take care of recycling them with our provider.

Please put it outside as we are delivering the next, with the rinsed, open container inside.

First, sorry for our mistake. Now, please contact us at erick@eatandevolve.com we will make it right. We will deliver the missing meals, replace the wrong meal, give you a credit for the meal, invite you to eat with us at the Bistro or refund your purchase. We are here to help you, if we did not do it, we will make it right by you and we will learn from the experience to keep improving.

Not at all, EatandEvolve is all about eating fresh healthy meals, we are not designed to cut calories, but we are portioned controlled. Many of our customers have lost weight by just eating healthy and the quantities that our body truly needs but our aim is to help you increase your energy and health.

No, the meals are fully cooked, just heat and eat

Yes, each meals label has the Macros post it in it, you can as well see the nutritional information for every meal by clicking in the meals detail in the “This weeks Menu” section.

Yes! When creating your profile, you can list all your dislikes and allergies, at the time of ordering there will be an alert if any meal uses any of those ingredients. For some you will have the options of customizing your sides. For example, if you don’t like broccoli, you can choose to swap it for green beans.

You can now create profiles for your family members, and select for whom is the meal plan, and during the selection process is will bring the meals that fit his or her needs.

Yes, you can, many of our customers do so, now take into consideration that we go thru great effort in cooking your meals the same day they are deliver so you can enjoy them fresh and crispy (specially the vegetables). After freezing them, you will still have the great taste, but you will lose some of the texture.

No, you won’t, we rotate our menu every week for 4 weeks, so you are always getting new flavors and taste for your continued enjoyment

Yes, our Bistro is located at Junction city is a full dine in experience with many meals from the delivery service and much more.

A good average is $9.50 per meal, the more meals and more weeks you choose the better price you can get

The meals are portion controlled and most have 6oz of protein, cooked with healthy fat oils (coconut and olive oils), 5oz of Vegetables and 40z of complex carbs.

We are not, we try to be, and we have on average a 70% of organic product on hand, but part of our mission is to have healthy meals for our community at an affordable price.

We focus on the essentials, of using clean natural ingredients, lean proteins 100% hormone and antibiotic free; complex carbs; with low glycemic index, non-saturated fats; fresh fruits and vegetables; and absolutely no processed or refined ingredients.

We only use coconut oil or olive oil to cook in our kitchen.

Sadly, low sodium requirements range too much between the customers that have requested it over time, from 0mg to 1000mg, so having a low sodium option that fits all has not been possible. However, we use pink Himalayan coarse salt on our meal which has the least sodium of all salts in the market.

For the most part of our menu, we use dates, stevia or unprocessed organic brown sugar to sweetening our meals. We do not have processed sugar in our premises.

ø Yes, for a long time we used 100% coconut amino in our recipes but sadly the price point does not allow us to offer it for every meal. Right now, we are using organic soy on some meals and if you select soy in your dislikes or allergies you will see the alert next to a meal.
ø Our Whole30 menu is 100% coconut amino and will soon be part of our meal plans.

About 95% of our menu is gluten free, if you want to guarantee that you won’t see a meal with Gluten please choose Gluten free in the ordering process and they won’t appear in your selection criteria

Yes, we do, please select dairy free in the “This week’s menu” section and you will see all that is available in that given week.

We do have a few meals that are mildly spicy, but you can select for your meal plan to be spicy free, and you will not see them during your selection process.

We are not, but we are extremely cautious, with cross contamination and follow all the best practices for kitchen health during cooking and packing. However, if you have an extreme allergy please note that our facility is exposed to all seven major allergens.

Yes! And we are in the process of creating a way for our veterans and public service employees to set it up and use this discount anytime they want to order, in the meantime please contact us at erick@eatandevolve.com and we will get you set up.

Yes! Let’s recap, we offer discounts to veterans, cops, firefighters, nurses, and school teachers

The discount is a 15% off the regular based price of any plan for any quantity of weeks, to get it you will send us your identification of service with a date of issue and expiration, so we can apply it to your profile.

No, it is a family own small business that started right here in Peoria IL. The storefront at Junction City is the only one for now. Thank you for shopping small and supporting our community

Yes, we do, please contact us at Erick@eatandevolve.com and we will happily fit your needs.

EatandEvolve was established May 2016 as a solely meal prep company and started the Bistro in August 2018.

Yes, our Bistro is located at Junction city is a full dine in experience with many meals from the delivery service and much more.