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Perfect plan for reaching a fitness goal. Our meals will help you to stay energetic with complex carbs and proteins while supporting your weight loss or shredding process.
The following is just an example of the items you would get if ordering this plan. As season changes you will notice different ingredients used throughout the year, especially on the sides, to maintain high quality produce. Also, there are specials every week that might not be reflected in this menu.

6 Lunches

LOW CARB - Beef Fajitas LOW CARB - Beef Fajitas with cauliflower rice pico de gallo and black beans 459 cal 36 grs protein 26 grs carbs 20 grs fats
LOW CARB - Turkey Meatloaf LOW CARB - Turkey meatloaf w/ mashed sweet potato and green beans
LOW CARB-DAIRY FREE- Cajun chicken gumbo LOW CARB - Cajun chicken gumbo with brown rice and broccoli 397 cal 28 grs protein 21 grs carbs 23 grs fat
LOW CARB - MediterraneansStuffed pork LOW CARB - Mediterranean stuffed pork w/kale-broccoli salad 432 cal 40 grs protein 25 grs carbs 18 grs fats
LOW CARB - Shrimp stir fry LOW CARB - Shrimp stir fry zucchini noodles with snap peas
LOW CARB - DAIRY FREE - Shrimp stir fry LOW CARB & DAIRY FREE - Shrimp stir fry zucchini noodles with snap peas