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Thinking about starting your health journey or just need extra meals to supplement your weekly routine? Then this is the perfect plan to taste our delicious meals and start your fitness quest or battle your busy week with ready to eat healthy meals!
The following is just an example of the items you would get if ordering this plan. As season changes you will notice different ingredients used throughout the year, especially on the sides, to maintain high quality produce. Also, there are specials every week that might not be reflected in this menu.

6 Lunches

Beef Fajitas Beef Fajita with brown rice, beans and pico de gallo 499 cal 36 grs protein 46 grs carbs 20 grs fats
BBQ Chicken w/mashed sweet potatoes BBQ Chicken w/mashed sweet potatoes, green beans and coleslaw 497 cal 36 grs protein 38 grs carbs 25 grs fats
Honey-Mustard Salmon Honey-mustard salmon with spaghetti squash and saute vegetables 445 cal 30 grs protein 21 grs cabs 31 fats
Beef Bourguignon Beef bourguignon with mashed potatoes and green beans 466 cal 25 grs protein 38 grs carbs 17 grs fats
Turkey Meatloaf Turkey Meatloaf with mashed sweet potatoes and green beans 498 cal 35 grs protein 34 grs carbs 23 grs fats
French onion pork chop French onion pork chop with quinoa and asparagus 421 cal 27 grs protein 24 grs carbs 17 grs fats